With the new school year now in motion, many families have opted for at-home learning for their children. The fact it, many children will be learning from home this year and that’s going to be a huge adjustment for everyone.

To ensure that your children enjoy their school year under their new circumstances and retain the information they’re taught, you’re going to need to set up a comfortable at-home learning area.

Here are some great ways to set up an at-home learning area that will be comfortable and sets your child up for remote learning success!

Designate A Workspace Away From Their Play Area

A work area separated from their play area is great for kids to get used to their new routine. Whether it’s a desk or a table, the biggest thing is that it’s in a designated area separate from your kid’s play area.

Like teachers often do at school, you can try and make them excited about their new work area. Have your child, no matter how old, help with picking out supplies and the overall aesthetic of the area. By giving them some decisions on how their work station is going to look and function, you can help make your child more excited about it.

This will help with learning and retaining. Separating work from play is a big step for home learning.

Choose A Comfortable Chair That’s Good For Their Posture

Your children are going to be sitting for long periods of time every day. Investing in a proper chair will have a lot of long-term benefits. A comfortable chair will help them stay focused and attentive during their lesson.  The last thing you need is a child that has a sore back from slouching all day!

Get A Pair Of Headphones To Mute Out Distractions

Naturally, there will be other things going on inside your house during your child’s school day. Getting a good pair of headphones to mute out all other noises coming from your home can help your child stay focused and take in more information.

Letting your kids pick up the earphones can be another way to get them excited about the school day. Let them pick out headphones featuring their favourite characters or favourite brand and they’ll be that much more enthusiastic about their school day.

Continue Using A Backpack

A backpack can still be a very useful tool. Although your child won’t be going from classroom to classroom, there still might be instances where they need to pack up and move to another workspace.  For example, there may be days when your child does their at-home learning at their Grandma’s or heads over to another parent’s home.

Besides that, backpacks are still great for organization. Having all of their supplies together in one place is great for the kids as it keeps things neat & today and it’s another way to help them separate home from school.

Be Kind To The Teachers And Your Children During These Tough Times

The main thing for everyone to remember during this school year is to be patient. These are difficult times and both your children and their teachers have never had a school year like this before. There’s going to be learning curves and it isn’t always going to go quite as smoothly as we’d all like.  Be supportive and understanding when your child has difficulty adjusting or expresses that they miss their friends.  It’s going to be a difficult transition but try to do your best to remain positive and patient.

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