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Parks and playgrounds have been a growing concern for many parents, guardians and community members as they are filled with germs and bacteria. Although the cleanliness of parks has always been a concern, the demand for increased cleaning & disinfecting has only been enhanced since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, the majority of parks across the country have absolutely no plans in place when it comes to properly cleaning or sanitizing public playgrounds or even school play yards.  With school right around the corner, we can’t help but wonder what’s the best way to keep kids safe and free of harmful germs while still allowing them to play on play structures and get in some much needed physical activity.

We did a little digging to see what other cities and countries are doing and found a few companies that are voluntarily cleaning parks for free!  These are local companies doing their best to make a difference.

Tim Sullivan And TKS Exterior Cleaning

Tim Sullivan knows all about the importance of clean parks. He owns a cleaning company and has five children who frequent different parks in his neighbourhood. Sullivan is now offering free cleaning services to all parks in his area.

He understands how many germs children carry around. They’re touching multiple surfaces, and afterward those surfaces are not being cleaned or disinfected. Tim Sullivan’s career revolves around clean surfaces, and now with the outbreak of COVID-19, cleaning is more important than ever.

Mike Dingler And Firehouse Pressure Washing

Ex-firefighter Mike Dingler and his team are cleaning public parks in the Atlanta area free of charge. They’ve checked the CDC recommendations and have confirmed that their cleaning solution does indeed neutralize the virus.

The virus can stay on stainless steel for days. Dingler understands the importance of frequently washing down these areas.  He and his team at Firehouse Pressure Washing want to do their best to minimize the risk of catching and spreading COVID-19 and keep children and their families safe.

Golden Gator Soft Washing Brothers

A sanitization company in Central Florida is taking cleaning public parks into their own hands. By using a powerful sanitizer, they are helping keep parks clean from harmful germs and bacteria.

From the slides to toys and swings, they are doing their part to serve the community and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

This has been a huge help for families who do not have the option of working remotely. Many parents and guardians don’t have a choice but to drop their kids off at daycare or school, and with the playground being professionally cleaned, it’s a much-needed feeling of reassurance.

Keeping Our Children Safe

This is an unsettling and uncertain time for everyone – adults and children included.   These companies are doing a great service for their communities.  Although using common play areas such as playgrounds is an increased risk, we hope that our government does their part and puts a plan in place for keeping our local parks and schoolyards clean.

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