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During these difficult and unprecedented times, it has never been more important to clean & disinfect commonly used areas. Although we are capable of cleaning, oftentimes the job we do isn’t as thorough as it needs to be.

The following companies specialize in cleaning all of the areas in our daily lives that collect germs and can be a potential COVID-19 risk.

Let’s go through a few of these companies and the areas that they specialize in.  It’s sure to give you peace of mind knowing that your surfaces are as clean as can be.

Your Home: Merry Maids

The Enhanced Disinfection Services offer by Merry Maids uses high-grade disinfectants to help kill off the Coronavirus from various surface areas in your home. The disinfectant that their team uses has been approved by Health Canada.

Merry Maids serves customers all across the country.  You can visit their website to learn more about their new and enhanced safety protocols.

Your Car: Cleen Detailing

The car detailing experts at Cleen Detailing will clean your vehicle from top to bottom.   And, with the outbreak of COVID-19, they now offer a NO CONTACT protocol which will help keep your mind at ease.

Their team members switch out their masks between every appointment and make sure that every area of your vehicle is thoroughly sanitized. Both before and after detailing, they apply aerosol sanitizer throughout the entire vehicle and then give it a wipe down with sanitary wipes.

Cleen Detailing will be sure to rid your vehicle of germs and ensure that every inch of it is spotless.  With locations across Canada in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa, there is likely a location near you!

Your Work: Dynamo Sanitizing

Reassure your staff and customers that it’s safe to get back to business.  As reopening stages have unfolded, the need to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect your place of business is essential in making sure that you do not have to temporarily close your business due to a case of COVID-19.

As we’ve recently seen with local businesses who have experienced cases of COVID-19, not only would you have to shut down your business to clean it after the fact, it also taints your business name.  Unfortunately, people may think twice before re-entering your place of business.

Dynamo Sanitizing uses professional equipment and disinfecting detergents that are Health Canada registered and eco-friendly.  You can find Dynamo Sanitizing in several different cities including Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto.

Your Clothes: Browns Cleaner

Browns Cleaner will clean your bedding and clothes so that you can fully trust how clean and fresh they’ll be. These professionals use GreenEarth – a cleaning solvent that is approved by Environment Canada.

This solvent will give your clothes a superior cleaning, ensuring that any traces of Coronavirus are washed right off. Browns Cleaner has many locations all over Ottawa and they promise friendly and efficient service.

Clothing Donations: Value Village

As seasons change and we spend extra time cleaning and re-organizing our homes, you may have additional items that’s you’d like to get rid of including clothing and household items. Value Village has reopened its door and they have implemented a series of changes to ensure the safety of their guests.

Value Village has introduced shortened hours to ensure that the staff can clean as much as possible.  They have also introduced the use of protective gear and strict cleaning policies. All staff must wear protective gear and new cleaning procedures have been added to ensure that all customers are safe.

Junk Removal: Just Junk

The team at Just Junk is ready to get rid of any unwanted junk that you have in your house. If you don’t want any contact with them, you can put your stuff outside on the curb and they will come to pick it up!

Unlike their hilarious commercials, Just Junk is taking COVID measures seriously. The best practices have been implemented so that each and every customer can be served safely.

There are many locations across Canada.  Just Junk is ready to help you and your family stay clean and a little less cluttered.

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