Quarantine Date Night Ideas


As a couple, you may feel as though the flame has dimmed a little since the beginning of quarantine and you may be looking for new ways to connect and make life a little more exciting. People often think of date night as a night out, but couples can have a night of fun & romance in the comfort of their own home.

Everyone’s schedule has been impacted by COVID-19 and some might think that staying inside with loved ones, when all we seem to do nowadays is stay inside, takes away the spark. But, it doesn’t have to!  We hope that this list of quarantine date night ideas helps you come up with a few creative ways to spend time with your loved one.

Cook A New Meal Together

Look for a new recipe online and give it a try! Check out a recipe that neither one of you have ever made before and spend some time together making it.  Get creative, make a mess in the kitchen and take a chance on a meal that may or may not turn out!

The point isn’t the meal, but the time together doing something that you haven’t done before. You can fall into a rut doing the same things every day. Spice things up with a night of cooking with your significant other. See what you come up with.

Have An Evening Without Any Technology And Spark Up A Conversation

Date night doesn’t always have to involve technology to be memorable. Remember the early days when you didn’t need anything electronic to provide entertainment? The days when you could just talk with your significant other while sipping on your favourite tea or wine? Take this quarantine time to relive some of those moments.

Leave your phones inside, grab a blanket, and go outside. Look at the stars, or the clouds, and talk.  Or, simply curl up on the couch. Talk about your dreams, future plans or have a laugh over old memories.

Pull Out Old Photos Albums

Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Take a stroll down memory lane together.  Look at photos from when you first started dating, when you got married, that special family vacation, etc.  You can even look at each other’s childhood photos.  Learn something new about each other or simply reminisce about the good old days.

Take Part In A Fun Virtual Night

There are a lot of companies offering virtual classes and other activities. Take part in a wine tasting night or a cooking class online or learn a new skill by participating in an eCourse. There are many different options that you and your significant other can partake in.

Search some different virtual activities that you and your partner can do and have fun with it. Just because you can’t physically be at these different events doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them!

Play A Game Of 20 Questions

It’s all about enjoying the simple things. A game of 20 Questions may seem juvenile, but it’s fun. An important thing to do during these frightening times is to be silly every once in a while. A game like this can ease the tension, and bring forth some much-needed laughs.

Laughter is a great way to feel more connected. Fun doesn’t need to be expensive nights out on the town. You can have fun by being silly and playing games like 20 Questions.

Take These Uncertain Times To Reconnect With Your Partner

As unsettling as things are right now, try to take advantage of your new-found time you may be able to carve out with your loved ones. While it certainly isn’t ideal to stay in all the time, it doesn’t have to be a drag. Enjoy the time together, and have some fun!  And, if you have any ideas you’d like to add to the list, please leave them in the comments below for others to use as inspiration.

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