Teachers are sharing their classroom photos


As we get closer and closer to the reopening of schools in Ontario, teachers and education workers across the country are prepping their classrooms.  And, it’s not looking good.

According to the Government of Canada website, a distance of 2 metres is needed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We are instructed to keep at least 2 metres apart when around other people.  And, if possible, “just stay home”. Check out the video below before moving on to the very unsettling photos that teachers are sharing of their classrooms and just how little physical distancing is even possible.

Less Than 1 Metre

For a reason that many still don’t understand or agree with, our children do not need to abide by the same 2-metre rule that we as adults do when in public settings like the grocery store or bank.  Instead, it is being recommended that they exercise on a 1-metre separation provided there are additional protections put in place such as wearing masks, enhanced cleaning and regular screening.

However, the reality is, even with cutting the recommended physical distancing length in half from 2 metres to 1 metre, the new 1 metre distance isn’t even possible for many classroom settings.

Not Enough Room

There simply isn’t enough room to fit every student.  Teachers are having to remove desks and furnishings such as bookshelves in order to keep each desk at least one meter apart.


The Same As Before

For many teachers, the option to rearrange their classrooms doesn’t even exist.  Many are sharing photos and saying that their classroom setup is the exact same as it was before COVID-19.

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